Saturday, 5 January 2013

Indian fighting cock training

The fighting cock are special trained in south india. Some of the well known villages are located around madurai district. Generally, the fighting cock are trained from their little age to two years. After giving special trainings to the fighting cock they are ready to fight. The trained hens are alloed to participte in the fighting competetions held during village festivals, temple functions and cock figting competetion. The figting cock cost from Rs 2000 to 10000. Cost depends upon the weight and age of the fighting cock. The maintenance of fighting cock are very difficult. During hen fight, a knife is tied in the leg of both fight participaing cock. Chance of cock got wounded is very high. So, a special trained persons need to first aid the wounded cock.

Note : Above picture was taken at kulithalai village two days before. The cost of the hen was Rs 2000. It is not trained at buying.

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