Monday, 7 January 2013

Hen Maintenance home and make money

Hen is a female animal known as a chicken. Especially in the south India, country hens (naatu kozhi ) are very popular bird. It is found in most of village houses. The country hens are naturally stronger than broiler hens. They can resist from high temperature, wind and rain. The village peoples who breed hens can draw their requirement of eggs, meat chicken etc., they can sale the meat or hen for a reasonable price suitable to the pockets at any time at their requirements. The eggs, meat, chicken available in villages are of standard any hygienic quality.

In order to breed country hens in bulk, no special Cattle shed needed. They can be easily breed in open space covered with Wire fence. These fence stops the chicks going out through holes in the fences set. Snakes come in search of regular chicken. The fence has to be covered with metal sheet in the bottom to prevent snake entry. Generally 2,000 chickens can be maintained in one acre space. The breeds are not need any special coverage to protect the hens from rain, sun. It only needs small cost roof shed enough.

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